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Our Fees: LifeCannMD - Medical Marijuana Doctor in Miami Florida

Our Fees: LifeCannMD - Medical Marijuana Doctor in Miami Florida

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The cost is $199 for your in-person visit. This covers your visit and the issuing of a 210 day certification & ALL 3 x 70 day orders for medication. (State fee ID Card $75.00 & medication costs not included)

What Is The Cost of Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

Here at LifeCannMD, your initial evaluation with a doctor and medical marijuana card certification services will only cost $199, not including Florida’s application fee of $75. The price includes excellent flexibility, as we can even perform home visits if you’re unable to make it to our conveniently-located clinic. The founder of LifeCannMD, Dr. Fernando Fandino-Sende, will perform an in-person examination with every qualifying patient. To get a full understanding of the cost of your Florida medical marijuana card over time, you also have to understand our state’s cannabis laws.

How Much is a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

In Florida, you must be recertified every 210 days (which is about seven months) to keep your access to medical marijuana. The guideline is a way for the state to confirm that you have an ongoing relationship with a licensed medical marijuana physician who is keeping an eye on the effectiveness of your plan. Unfortunately, the recertification process does bring an additional cost. The good news is that each time you get recertified through LifeCannMD, Dr. Fandino-Sende can reevaluate your medical cannabis consumption and confirm that you’re consuming the proper amount.

Is the Medical Marijuana Card Price Worth it?

Everyone’s circumstances are different, but we find that most of our customers are very happy with their choice to get a Florida medical marijuana card through LifeCann. For people who can benefit from medical cannabis, the cost of certification is a low price to pay. Further, your Florida medical card will give you access to dispensaries, where you can find fair prices for marijuana. Compared to other types of medicine people might use, medical cannabis patients in Florida can save a lot of money.


Hidden Costs at Medical Marijuana Clinics

Unless you work with the best medical marijuana doctor in Miami, you may be at risk of experiencing hidden charges. That’s why people choose LifeCannMD instead, because our pricing is upfront and honest. It’s $199 for an initial evaluation and certification. When you need recertification, it's only $149. We’re big believers in the benefits of medical cannabis and even bigger believers in doing business the right way. To help people get reliable access to cannabis, we even offer no-risk consultations.

In other words, if we don’t believe that someone is a good candidate for medical marijuana, and find that we’re unable to provide them with a doctor’s recommendation, we won’t charge for a consultation. That means you can schedule your appointment with LifeCannMD with complete peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about the risk of being charged if you can’t get a licensed physician’s recommendation for medicinal marijuana.

Best Cannabis Doctor in Miami

We are Florida’s top-rated medical marijuana referral clinic. That tells you that our past patients are delighted with the experience, and find that the price is well worth it. As a bonus, we’ll even provide a $25 referral payment for every other qualified candidate you send our way. When you’re ready to get relief from medical marijuana, contact Miami’s best cannabis doctor.

Call 1-833-LIFECANN (1-833-543-3226) or email to health@lifecannmd.com

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"LifeCannMD is your alternative healthcare partner for all medical marijuana needs. Our Board-certified doctor and compassionate staff provide fast and affordable evaluations and ID card certifications in Florida.  With more than 30 years of experience in the medical field and over 5,000 satisfied patients.

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